I am a research fellow at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences working on machine learning for ecology. I am particularly interested in bioacoustics.

My PhD explored evolutionary machine learning for various application areas including text sentiment analysis, neuro-evolution and facial expression recognition. Machine learning techniques allow computers to recognize patterns and create models from known data. I harness the power of both evolutionary computation and deep neural networks to solve complex problems.


My research interests include: bioacoustics, neuro-evolution, deep learning, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, optimization and evolutionary algorithms. My Google Scholar profile is available here.


My deep neural network course is  available here. I’m releasing new material too – enjoy!

Feedback from participants:

“Excellent teaching. Appreciate the way you are connecting every details of the algorithms with real examples.”

“I enjoyed the thorough step by step building of the network”

How would you score the lecturer: 4.9/5

Photography & Videography

I’m a photography enthusiast. Check out my Flickr profile here. Here are three of my top rated photographs:

Mandarin Duck – Western Cape, South Africa

Tamarin Bay, Mauritius

Cape Gannet (Morus capensis) – Western Cape, South Africa.

I am also a FPV drone pilot, my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEg6AUt3uXMRkwYWW_B9h8A